click to enlargescience is located in the Old Town of Cologne, Germany.

By plane

There are two airports close to Cologne: Konrad-Adenauer-Airport, located in the east of the town; the other called Düsseldorf International in the north close to the town of Düsseldorf. Getting to the science is convenient from both.

Konrad-Adenauer-Airport (also known as Köln-Bonn Airport):
The easiest way is to take a cab. This will cost about 20 Euro and take about 20 minutes to the center of Cologne and the science. You can also take the shuttle bus (much cheaper but slower), which takes you to the Cologne central train station (see by train below).

Düsseldorf International
From Düsseldorf you can also take a cab (40 to 50 Euro) or the local train. Several lines carry you to the Cologne central station within 40 minutes (see below).

By car

From the A3 and A4: The A3 and A4 cross south of Cologne at the Heumarer Dreieck. If you are on the A3 you will want to get on the A4 toward Aachen at this point. Once you are on the A4 watch for Kreuz Gremberg. If you are approaching Cologne from the west on the A4 you will cross the River Rhine before you reach Kreuz Gremberg.

At Kreuz Gremberg you should get on the A59 towards Cologne (Köln). When the A59 ends just keep going straight ahead. You will enter a tunnel. Stay to the left in the tunnel and you will emerge onto a bridge, the Deutzer Brücke. If you turn left at the end of the bridge you will find the entrance to the Heumarkt underground parking garage on your left. You can leave your car here.

Take the stairs or elevator up to Heumarkt itself. The plaza has buildings on three sides and a large equestrian statue on the fourth. If you stand with your back to the statue you will see a small street leading straight ahead off the left hand corner of the plaza. That is Unter Käster, and that is where we are. Go down that little street and take the first street to the left into Hühnergasse (an even smaller street). The first door on the left is ours.

By train

We are located 10 minutes away from Cologne main station, right between Alter Markt and Heumarkt (two large public plazas). Simply exit the train station through the exits marked "Dom" (not "Breslauer Platz").

The Dom is the cathedral you will see to your left as you are leaving the station. Go up the steps to the left of the station exit and then go around the cathedral (counter-clockwise). On the other side of Cologne Cathedral is a plaza. On the opposite side of the plaza from the Cathedral is a street called Unter Goldschmied. Walk one block along Unter Goldschmied and take the first left, Kleine Budengasse. Follow this street until a large plaza, Altermarkt, opens on your right. If you get to the Rhine embankment, you have gone too far. Walk across Altermarkt. The little street leading straight ahead off the left hand corner of Altermarkt is Unter Käster. It is a very short street, and our building is on the right hand side. If you start down Unter Käster you will find a very small street called Hühnergasse to the right. As you turn into Hühnergasse, you will see our door. It is the first one on the left side.

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