Agreement between IBM and science factory aims to enhance drug discovery and development
Cologne, Feb. 18, 2003 - Today SCIENCE FACTORY GmbH, a leading European bioinformatics company, announced an agreement with IBM to create a combined data management solution that aims to enhance drug discovery and development. Through the agreement, the companies will collaborate to make IBM DiscoveryLink(TM) data integration technology compatible with the new workflow software überTOOL(TM) from science factory.
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IBM und science factory vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit zur Verbesserung der Wirkstoffforschung
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Versant Supports Science Factory's New Bioinformatic System
[Versant Corporation Press Release, Fremont, California, November 13, 2002]
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- Used worldwide in the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries by companies like Exelixis, GlaxoSmithKline, Kyowa Hakko, and Syngenta
Cologne, Germany, Nov 11, 2002 - After 18 months of marketing of its enzyme database BRENDA, SCIENCE FACTORY GmbH can now boast numerous international companies among its satisfied customers. The information on metabolic pathways to be included for the first time in the upcoming edition of January 2003 will open up new market segments.
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: Weltweit bei Pharma- Biotechnologie- und Chemie- unternehmen wie Exelixis, GlaxoSmithKline, Kyowa Hakko und Syngenta im Einsatz
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über 1.0 - Market launch of the new workflow-based bioinformatics system by science factory
Cologne, Germany, 3 September 2002 - SCIENCE FACTORY GmbH launches its newly developed and comprehensive software package, überTOOL (TM), on the market today.
überTOOL 1.0 makes it possible for scientists in the Life Sciences to integrate and analyze molecular biological data. Over 100 methods from all areas of bioinformatics are currently being made available. Just as the stones of a construction kit can be easily put together, these methods can be combined in complex analyzing procedures by means of a simple mouse click. The creation of analyzing workflows is therefore understandable for all users, so that programming capabilities are no longer necessary.
überTOOL comes complete with numerous examples. In addition to these standard examples, each user can create and save his own individual analyses. The customer's internal data as well as publicly accessible data are for the first time saved in überTOOL based on their biological context.
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über 1.0 - Markteinführung des neuen workflowbasierten Bioinformatik-Systems der science factory
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