Please note that BRENDA is not available anymore from here, this web site fullfills merely a nostalgic purpose.
fits your individual requirements

is available

Please find a list of advantages and disadvantages as well as system requirements below which may help you to find your specific coporate access solution. Please note: in-house installation options (in-house db and enzy ) are only available for a minium of 5 (five) named users.

If you are not sure which option to choose please feel free to contact our support team at We are glad to find the suitable solution for your individual requirements.

access options further details advantage disadvantage
Web Access search with a web based interface on a science server

quick online access

no computational knowledge required

no in-house resources required

no SQL or complex queries possible

no connection with proprietary software or database

no storage of proprietary data sets possible

In-house database version relational database extract available for different relational database systems such as Oracle, mysql, etc. or as XML flat file format

SQL and complex queries possible

connection with proprietary software and databases possible

storage of proprietary data sets

computational knowledge required

in-house resources required

database management system required

maintenance required

enzy package with mysql, Apache, php, data set, web interface enabling intranet/internet access to

additional features:

pre-structured reports

links to external databases such as pubmed

no database management system required

no computational knowledge required of lab users

simple administration for arbitrary number of users

easy deployment

computational knowledge required for installation procedure and maintenance

in-house resources required

The contents of is also available in printed form:
The Springer Handbook of Enzymes (2nd. ed.), see