, the digital lexicon of enzymes
was started in 1987 as an academic project of the Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung (Company for Biotechnical Research) in Braunschweig under the guidance of by Prof. Dietmar Schomburg.

Created and until today continuously being updated by Prof. Schomburg's expert team of molecular biologist (now at the University of Cologne) which combs through relevant biological literature for curation into .

The curated data is presented in easy to use formats that offers enhanced flexibility and powerful time savings over traditional library research. Access to thousands of independent research results offers the competitive advantage of reduced library research time and faster progression through discovery pathways.

covers a wide range of enzyme characteristics: More than 50 fields containing close to half a million entries can be queried in various combinations. All enzymes are characterized in an organism-specific manner, and all data are linked to primary literature references.

Within inhibitors, cofactors, natural and artificial substrates are annotated with information about the molecular structure in SMILES-Format (see Daylight, Inc. for information on SMILES).
For example see aminopterin:

augments your existing data with:

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