über - a new concept for the integration and analysis of molecular biological data

über is a software system with a new concept for the integration and analysis of molecular biological data. The customer's internal data as well as publicly accessible data is stored together for the first time based on their biological connection. The new system makes available over 100 methods from all areas of bioinformatics. Like the stones in an innovative construction kit, they can be combined with one another in complex analysis procedures by means of a simple mouse click. The customer can also easily expand the core functions of the program by using the integrated programming language. The interactive browsers for different biological data types and the diverse expansion possibilities simplify the collaboration of the various users within the scalable client-server system in a unique way. science factory also offers comprehensive customer service.

- the digital lexicon of enzymes

, the " Braunschweiger Enzym Datenbank" (Braunschweig Enzyme Database) is the digital lexicon of enzymes, the biocatalysts in all living cells that are essential to life. With information from over 36,000 original scientific works and various search functions, this database offers researchers a quick overview of the subject area and supplies as much detailed information as desired about more than 22,000 enzymes. was started in 1987 as an academic project of the Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung (Company for Biotechnical Research) in Braunschweig. Today, through continuous maintenance and various networking with a large number of other current databases, represents the industry standard for enzyme information.